About Us

Bellagio Europe have been designing collectable watches for winning football teams for over 15 years, working with many of the Premier league teams including Manchester City, Manchester United, Arsenal, Spurs, Celtic, Rangers to name a few.  Bellagio are also working on official Champions League and Europa League watches for UEFA.  Were very proud to be selected to design the official Premier League Winners Watches for Manchester City to celebrate their 3rd Premiership Title.

Bellagio Europe specialise in High Quality products of a collectable nature which include; Timepieces, Deluxe Pens, bespoke Fashion jewellery, Leather goods and VIP luxury goods.

Our motto is "nothing is a problem".

Our watch collections include global brands Bellagio & Paccioni, watches.

All of our Creations start from a blank piece of paper by founder & designer MikeyC of which some magnificent timepieces have been created for some of the worlds biggest stars. All our watches are of a collectable nature and each range is a ‘Limited Edition’ making each piece we create even more special.


Contact Bellagio Europe

E: info@bellagio-europe.com

Web: Bellagio-Europe.com

T: 03330 442 442